Sunday, August 14, 2011

T-14: Sharing the Wealth

Today, I bought many newspapers for coupons (as a writer, I feel a tad guilty about that sentence...sometimes I read the articles, too). Then I shopped, of course! Scored this week's free $10 gas card at CVS for buying toilet paper, paper towels and Starbucks drinks.

Tonight, I'm prepping my weekly coupons and watching an Extreme Couponing marathon. Next, I'm prepping for a mini-coupon lesson, exchange and donation I set up with some friends tomorrow evening. I've always been a big believer in sharing your knowledge, good fortune and food. Where would I be if people hadn't done the same for me?

Finally, I'm older AND wiser!
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An extra photo for the day:
I was all for this when I had a salad by that name at City Diner in NYC many years ago. But seeing it packaged up like that, I thought, "What did John Lennon ever do to you?!"

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