Thursday, August 11, 2011

T-17: My Theory of Hello Kitty World Domination

This was my concern when I accepted this challenge. I'm not having big adventures every day and my rich inner life is interesting to me, but not so much to anyone outside my head. My days are mostly spent job hunting, shopping, cooking, running errands and going to aqua aerobics. I try to mix it up, but I also need a lot of solo, quiet time.

Then there are the Friends reruns. The writing is great and I didn't see several seasons because I didn't have a TV from 1998-late 2001. Of all the things I sacrificed to move to New York twice, that's probably the thing I missed the least. It was bizarre, the reaction when someone tried to strike up a conversation about a TV show and I said I didn't have a TV. It seemed oddly upsetting and offensive to them. It's not like I was all self-righteous and anti-TV. The way I saw it, we tend to watch a ton of TV in the U.S., but most importantly, I was enjoying the city of my dreams everyday. My life was very full.

On my deathbed, I doubt I'll regret not watching enough TV. If anything, there are many things I didn't get around to in New York. Or, for that matter, San Francisco, London, Paris and Amsterdam. Besides, there are still so many places left to see!

. . .

If nothing else, I can document further evidence of Hello Kitty World Domination (HKWD), from boo-boos to bon-bons. The fruit snacks photo (above), was taken today, these in the past few months.

This isn't the first HK car wrap I've seen, just the first one I caught!

Showing extreme allegiance to our mouthless, feline
overlord: decal, medallion, license plate frame.
Wonder if they have the steering wheel and seat covers?

Here's a vintage one, from 2004:
HK microwave cake mix & pan

This one, of the Sanrio store in Times Square, was taken in July 2001, shortly after I moved to NYC for the second time. So much changed, so fast.

Wanted the TV, cordless phone, toaster, wafflemaker, sleeping bag...

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