Tuesday, August 9, 2011

T-19: A Fairly Uneventful Day

It was a quite day. Phone calls, emails, errands.

I went to aqua aerobics, as usual, but our instructor was out. The substitute instructor did very different exercises, which was a nice switch up, especially after working out for over an hour the night before.

I went shopping to catch deals on beverages for my birthday party and get some other odds and ends. I decided to use self-check out because I was tired and didn't even want to make small talk with a cashier. That didn't work out so well.

This particular store had someone supervising the self check out area. She decided I needed to put the 4 cases of soda I had in the bagging area into my cart and to do that, she needed to hit the "Finish and Pay" button. I hadn't asked for or needed help and it happened in a few seconds. Unfortunately for me, that meant the $25 credit I'd added half an hour earlier by transferring my prescription went toward food, which I planned to buy with funds only usable for food. So that left me in a quandry when it came to the non-food items, since I no longer had the credit on my store card.

This took a great deal of explanation on both parts. The self-check out hoverer and the store manager insisted there was nothing they could do and I'd have to come back in the morning and ask the pharmacy to give me another credit. That didn't seem very likely to me. So, after much wrangling, I was given $21 in cash, but then the self-check out lady thought the better of that and gave me a store gift card with the cash. Fair enough, it was their money all along and I could have walked out with cash, instead of spending it there.

This was just needlessly complicated and aggravating, but at least it was finally resolved. I still had two more stops and, because the first one took longer, the second planned stop went from being across the street to several miles away, as the nearest location of the next store closed at 10.

Other stops were mostly uneventful and finished in a reasonable amount of time. But boy, what a long night.

Seeing all those cases of soda and water stacked up for my birthday...I'm excited.

Mmmmm, Bakers! While I waited to get through the drive thru, "Baker Street" came on the radio.

Although I know it's about Baker Street in London, the song unfailingly reminds me of Baker Street in San Francisco. I have photos of both Baker Streets, but can't seem to find them.

Going to Bakers drive-thru, however, always reminds me of Second Bestie, who worked there in college. In my memory, she worked there at the same time she worked at a bakery in the morning. Alas, my memory fails here, but my way is better than the facts! Before the craziness at the grocery store, while I was still shopping, she and I texted back and forth because she's baking my cake. Yay! Wouldn't have anyone else do it. Can't wait to see and taste it.

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