Thursday, November 3, 2011

LfEJ: Dear "Vampire Diaries" Writers

Dear "Vampire Diaries" Writers,

I thought you were going to make it. An entire episode without someone calling someone else a "d!ck," usually Damon. Then, 57 minutes in, bingo! I know I'm not your demographic, but it's all the worse when I consider who is your intended audience.

I don't know who in the CDub's Standards & Practices had a stroke and decided that word was OK for TV. Nevertheless, just because you can doesn't mean you must. Less is more. I'm not a prude, but enough is enough!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LfEJ: Dear Tumbleweed

Dear Tumbleweed,

I didn't want to drive over you. You were so whimsical, drifting and bouncing across the road. I still don't quite believe you're real or that I live somewhere that I'll see you out of the blue. It makes me giggle.