Wednesday, August 24, 2011

T-4: Positive Reinforcement

In the backyard of our house in the Valley, circa 1975

Spent most of today at my volunteer job. Since I started so late in the month, I need to work about 3/4 time for the rest of this week and Monday-Wednesday next week. I'm gradually increasing my hours to get used to it, especially being in a bad chair all day. At least I can get up and stretch a lot. It reminded me of grad school -- there were different kinds of chairs in all my class rooms, but none of them were supportive or comfortable. My back and neck constantly made crunching sounds as I walked up and down the hills on campus.

I'm also stepping up my swimming and aqua aerobics, which helps strengthen and stretch out my back. It relieves pain like nothing else, except massage. I pray everyday to find work, because aquatic exercise is really the only kind I can do. Everything else, even walking, hurts more than it helps. The one drawback is it costs money to use pools. I feel my strength coming back, bit by bit, thanks to the water. It's so literary and symbolic.

After the volunteer work, I did a range of physical therapy exercises, water yoga and aqua aerobics. Felt so much better afterward. It's a great reminder to keep it up.

Second Bestie called while I was working. I'd sent her far more Red Velvety Thoughts than I shared here and she called to tell me her ideas. The cake is going to be very grand indeed. She's excited, which is great. It's a wonderful favor, but you don't want it to be a pain in the neck for them. Actually, I didn't even have to ask, she offered to make it. She's really the perfect person to do it. I was so excited by her ideas. Glad we're on the same page. Don't know why I gave it a thought, we've known each other almost 25 years. She's like my sister.

The cake is going to be pretty, but it's also going to be irreverent, like my cake 10 years ago. As she said, if you can't laugh when you're turning 40, what have you got?

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