Sunday, August 7, 2011

T-21: Saving, But Not Swimming

I spent the morning chilling with the cat, who has taken to sleeping with me lately. He used to be the hissing, people and pet hating cat. He drove away 3 other cats and a dog. It's still weird to me that he's become clingy.

I tried to go swimming, but the pool was at capacity. That's happened several times in recent weeks, so I knew it was a possibility. Guess I could have spent less time in bed with the cat, but really, that's a perfect Sunday morning if you ask me.

I decided to get Sunday papers for coupons. Of all the stores I could go to buy the papers, I ended up parked by the guy with the zebra-striped truck. I love art cars, but rarely see them in the suburbs. Note the "War is the Answer" bumper sticker in the back window.

It was a good coupon haul, considering it was mid-afternoon by then. One paper even had several duplicate inserts. I couponed my way into another $10 gas card at CVS, which always feels good. It was stuff I either buy regularly or that I had on my list for later this month, so all the better to save money and get a bonus. I even found a coupon file that's actually large enough and has enough sections to be useful, but small enough to be convenient and useful.

Good day. My new Sunday night ritual is to watch Drop Dead Diva while sorting and stapling coupon inserts together.

A sign in the clearance bin?

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