Friday, August 5, 2011

T-23: Unshackled

I was extremely religious in my tween years. Whenever a passing train whistled, I was sure it was the first trumpet of the Apocolypse.

One of my favorite things was listening to a radio show called Unshackled (which is, apparently, still on and the longest running radio show). It was essentially a soap opera about how people sinned or were miserable and how they came to Christianity. Over time, it's become blurred in my memory with those little religious comic tracts. I think everyone got saved, though.

I talked to one of my oldest friends tonight and he was still flabberghasted at the surreal and cruel ordeal I'm just getting out of. He's known me almost 25 years and can't believe the nonsense of which I've been accused.

I told him I feel better now, but it may take a long time to mourn and get my life back after being weighed down with what was essentially extra homework with no benefit to me. The best outcome I could hope for was not owing this awful person thousands of dollars for destroying my life. That was as close to "winning" as I might get.

In my head, I heard the dramatic, radio soap opera organ intro of "Unshackled" punctuate my words. Although the shackles have been unlocked, I still feel their weight. I hope that, gradually, they will fall off completely. I have too many more important things to do!
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