Thursday, August 4, 2011

T-24: Surprise Visit

I thought I wouldn't have anything to write or photograph everyday. I was circling hopelessly in a very full parking lot this morning, when my best friend called and asked if I would like to ride with her on a work errand to Palm Springs and, if so, she'd be here in 15 minutes. Sure, she needed a live body to use the HOV lane, but it's a rare treat to see her twice in one week. Plus, we were going to see dinosaurs!

Construction and me

March Air Force Base

Morongo Casino

D and windmills

Palm Springs was friggin' hot! But these flowers were pretty.

Afterward, I did the last big shopping trip of the month, at a ginormous Wal-Mart a bit further away than the nearest one, but generally less crowded, cleaner and with more items and a full grocery store. I swear, the one in my neighborhood is crowded and full of unsupervised children, even when I go at 11:45.

I had just enough time to drop off perishables at home before my aqua aerobics class. Actually, I didn't, so I was 15 minutes late. Still, I got about 45 minutes in and I pushed harder. That's the great thing about aqua aerobics -- you can do it all floaty and gently as you need to, or you can push harder against the water and it pushes back.

I'm always famished after swimming, so I was glad all that meat was already cooked on Tuesdy. I made a quick chicken burrito with veggie refried beans and avocado. Yum!

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