Sunday, March 15, 2009

CalArts Student Council - The Rescuer - March 2009

Outside spread. Back cover (L) and Front Cover (R)

As a member of the CalArts Student Council Senate's Research & PR Action Group, I volunteered to design the student newsletter. CalArts has a rich history of student publications, but the newsletter had not been published for some time. It was an activist council that year; re-establishing the student newsletter was one of the Senate's major initiatives.*

Inside spread. Photos and article by Rose Fuller.

I did the layout using InDesign and edited graphics in Photoshop. I also contributed photographs to this issue, particularly the photos making up the title banner. The design aesthetic I had in mind was the school's unofficial motto, "Keep CalArts weird." I used bold, jarring colors I would not normally employ for such a project for a corporate client.

Front cover with feature story by CalArts Student Council President Louiza Collins about CalArts Bob being banned from campus. The front cover also included an introduction by the Student Council and a teaser box.

*The primary initiative that year was to cut funding from huge parties like the Halloween Party (about 60% of the previous year's annual budget!) and Fashion Show and redistribute the monies into a student project grant fund.

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